Alladale Wilderness Reserve

"Paul Lister woke me up to the urgency of conservation over a decade ago. A driven philanthropist, he is creating a blueprint for how hospitality can support conservation. I am so proud our work for Alladale has accelerated exposing the challenges and spotlighting the solutions."

Mel Cutcliffe

A natural gem with principles running through its veins, this 23,000-acre utopia occupies one of the last truly wild spaces in the Scottish Highlands, just an hour and half north of Inverness.

Alladale Lodge, the star of the show - with gym and games room - sleeps 14, whilst two other fully-catered cottages sleep from 2 to 10. Deanich Lodge - a rustic self-catering bunkhouse tucked away deep in the reserve sleeps 18 and is probably one of the most remote buildings in Britain. Hike through dramatic glens, forage for dinner, spot native wildlife on a self-drive safari around the reserve and learn about Alladale’s rewilding efforts.

Conservation work includes native tree planting, peatland restoration and wildlife projects. The outdoor learning for teenagers is particularly popular and 7% of accommodation revenue goes to The European Nature Trust (TENT).

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