Frederick Chavalit Tsao

Founder/CEO, OCTAVE Institute

“We are witnessing the onset of a new era of consciousness and wellbeing. The force of evolution is always surprising, but humanity evolves in line with the challenges it faces. Without common beliefs, togetherness and collaboration, global sustainability cannot be realised.”

- Pioneering businessman and visionary founder of the radical and expansive OCTAVE Institute in China, of which SANGHA Retreat is the central wellness community and destination spa

- Embracive outlook dedicated to building increased connectedness between Western science and traditional Eastern philosophies

- Catapulted the family business to success before undergoing a profound inward journey of awakening. 

- His book, Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business was published in 2019 and explores consciousness as a backbone for sustainable business, societal healing and a better future for the planet. 

- Fred’s philosophy is centred on raising awareness – ‘to become the CEO of your own life’ – a powerful lever in each individual to not just potentially create wealth but serve humankind.