"Hayo'uFit is the most exciting fitness launch I've worked on since introducing Barry's Bootcamp to the UK. It's a game-changer in this shift to online workouts.  Will Qigong be the new yoga?"

Zoe Butt

The UK's newest and only online fitness platform offering courses and classes in Qigong – a millennia-old system of coordinated movement, breathing and meditation.

Designed for all ages and abilities, Hayo’uFit offers a flow for every level, from the exhausted to fitness fanatics, led by a clutch of talented teachers. The brand was born during lockdown when founder Katie Brindle, a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, introduced daily Qigong to the mainstream – quickly attracting a whole new tribe and followers such as Jasmine Hemsley.

Research shows Qigong reduces cortisol, stress and blood pressure, calms the body and boosts energy. Where yoga is often viewed as a means to expunge negative energy, Qigong is about harnessing the positive. An exciting newcomer to a now booming virtual fitness ecosystem.

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