Hayo'u Method

"Katie Brindle is a leading entrepreneur in the wellness industry.  She is a powerhouse to her own businesses - Hayo’u Method and Hayo’uFit – and to us as a client."

Victoria Fuller

The Hayo’u Method is the leading authority on self-care tools and face and body Gua Sha.

As a Chinese medicine practitioner, Katie Brindle learned that prevention and self-treatment of illness was the secret of longevity in ancient China. However, this practice is widely missing in modern healthcare and so she created The Hayo’u Method, drawing inspiration from an age-old Chinese proverb; ‘a drop of prevention is worth a bucket load of cure.’

This innovative Method is centred on three important self-care rituals: Restore (beauty with Gua Sha), Reset (body tapping) and Rescue (balance through breath).  As simple as brushing one's teeth, a range of tools help deliver instant results with the capacity for long-term benefits.

All Hayo'u products - from crystal face tools to oils and the award-winning Bamboo body tapper -can be purchased online or through selected outlets.

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