A pioneering healthcare clinic in Mayfair, London, HOOKE marks a new era in advanced personalised and preventative healthcare in the UK.

Through three membership programmes, clients are offered the ultimate health management system. Fully held and supported throughout, they are given access to world-leading scientists and
in a trusted space.

Combining the latest in biology, medicine, psychology, and data science - experts work collaboratively to create a new paradigm for living well.

Superlative diagnostics cover everything from standard blood tests and bone density scans to ultrasounds of all the major organs, whole genome sequencing and colonoscopies. Taking clients on a voyage of self-discovery and optimisation that transforms lifestyles, changes expectations of ageing, and enhances quality of life, HOOKE disrupts the one-size-fits-all traditional medical model, where symptoms dictate treatment.

Using long-term data from individual medical, fitness, nutritional and cognitive assessments, HOOKE programmes build a comprehensive and holistic ‘big picture’ view of wellness risks and weaknesses – providing the basis for evolving lifestyle and medical recommendations to clients can live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

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