"This is a brand with a cult following and I confess - I’m one of them. The SOS Body Balm has become an obsession and I’ve lost count of the number of people who stop to ask me what the fragrance is. How clever too that they’ve created a range called Beat The Blues at a time when we need it most."

Zoe Butt

Award-winning British brand ilāpothecary is here to heal with 100% natural pioneering products which offer traditional remedies for modern life.

These transformative formulas combine medicinal flowers, British grown herbs, powerful gemstones, naturopathy, homeopathy, phyto-actives and stem cells.

Created for everyone, from 18 to 80-year olds, they capture the very essence of holistic living and wellbeing and work to counteract everyday stresses including environmental and digital pollution, mental stress and body fatigue.

These dual-purpose products are lovingly handmade, blended in small fresh batches and are available online or in their London store

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