Journeys With Purpose

"If I were to imagine the sort of educational trip we should all be considering, then Journeys With Purpose experiences would be top of my list. Fascinating destinations, inspiring projects and the opportunity to soak up the wisdom of the greatest conservationists of our time. This is a business with integrity and soul, dedicated to immersive, impactful journeys in phenomenal wilderness locations.”

Kath Kay

Launched in 2020 by Duncan Grossart, a zoology graduate and lifelong conservationist, Journeys With Purpose is a specialist travel provider which brings together experts in their field to share and celebrate an extraordinary masterclass in people, projects and places.

Attracting individuals of power, impact or specific interest, Journeys With Purpose are out-of-the-box, specialist-led and immersive travel experiences which instigate meaningful change.

A powerful underlying ethos aims to connect nature, champion the wild and celebrate conservation on a global scale - not just as a bystander, but as a call to action.

Clients can learn to participate and collaborate on restoring vibrant landscapes, biodiversity, wildlife and livelihoods across seven continents – looking at distinctive ecosystems, cutting-edge climate change mitigation, local prosperity, and ecological restoration of forest and wildlife habitats. Essentially, trips act as a catalyst for individuals to invest in safeguarding the future of humanity and the planet.

The first Journeys With Purpose trip is due to take place in September 2021, hosted by Kristine Tompkins (co-founder of Tompkins Conservation) alongside Duncan.  The trip will take up to 12 guests to the Iberá National Park in Argentina – one of the greatest nature conservation success stories of all time.

Future trips in the pipeline will include under-the-radar experiences in Asia, North America, Antarctica, Africa and Europe. Capturing people with a shared set of values, from conservationists and environmentalists to philanthropists and business leaders, Journeys With Purpose sets a new benchmark when it comes to educational and experiential top tier travel.

JWP has joined the Campaign for Nature to conserve at least 30% of our planet in its natural state by 2030. It is a 1% for the Planet member and will be a travel partner for The Long Run. It has applied to become a certified B Corp.  

+ Access to the top table of nature conservation  + Learning Experiences + Landscape Restoration + Rewilding + Community Engagement