"If you're looking for a game-changing wellbeing brand, then LA-EVA is it. Encapsulating the purest of ingredients combined with the most heavenly of scents, the products all come presented in beautifully designed bottles that make you feel your very best self."

Anna Dickinson

LA-EVA offers a range of high integrity wellbeing products which embody an ethical, respectful and mindful approach to everyday moments of self-care whilst remaining artistically elegant and emotionally attuned.

Founder Louisa Canham began creating soap as an antidote to the stresses of working as a clinical psychologist in schools, hospitals and prisons, specialising in adolescent mental health.

Early experimentations slowly paved the way towards the evolution of bespoke recipes and a strong personal aesthetic. In 2014 the LA-EVA Oxfordshire studio morphed into existence alongside a close working relationship with a family-run organic farm and the Soil Association.

LA-EVA reflects many of its founder’s attributes: intelligent philosophical originality is bottled into every product. Fragrance plays a central role bringing unique scent-scapes to everyday self-care rituals. The products harness rich, evocative fragrances whilst tapping into the therapeutic properties of individual essential oils.

There are currently four different scent backdrops that have manifested into a small, carefully curated range of products which sets a template for much needed new standards in an industry bereft of transparency.

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