Malabar Retreats

"Rarely is the term 'unique’ justifiable but with Malabar Retreats it really is. There is only one Dominique and Bibi; it’s incredibly rare to find Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing yoga) as a practice, and all set in such extraordinary locations. This combination makes these retreats utterly unique."

Victoria Fuller

These intimate, date-led retreats offer an extraordinary immersion in nature and a rarefied way to experience ‘Lu Jong’ – an ancient form of Tibetan Healing yoga.

Little known in the west, Lu Jong incorporates muscle, mind, energy and breathing with profound effects. Bibi Schofield, a Venezuelan Italian, spent 15 years as a banking lawyer before marrying Zimbabwean husband, Kenneth, and discovering the indigenous environments of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, along with a fundamental shift in her values.

When she then met Franco-Indian Dominique Caubel and experienced his Lu Jong practice and deep, intuitive bodywork her priorities crystallised into a new direction - to bring the benefits of Lu Jong to a wider audience.

Rewilding an urban outlook and based on energy work, retreats combine rigorous Lu Jong workshops, healing body treatments, moonlit meditations and healthy food in the wilds of Africa or beautiful hideaways in Europe.

Forthcoming retreats are planned for Africa, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

+Natural Surroundings +Energy Work + Spiritual Alignment +Life Change