Satish Kumar

Activist, Ecologist, Speaker, Writer, Educator, Co-Founder of Schumacher College

“If we want a new civilization, a new paradigm, a new economy where humans and nature can live in harmony with each other, then we have to start with creating a new kind of education.”

- Co-Founder of Schumacher College, Satish Kumar’s mission is to inspire a revolution in education

- Wants a new economic model which better equips the next generation to live with nature and embrace the paramount value of biodiversity, cultural diversity and the integrity of the earth

- Left home at the age of nine to become a Jain monk and then, as a teenager trekked from India to America via Russia to deliver ‘peace tea’ to the leaders of, what were then, the four major nuclear powers. He walked 8,000 miles without any money totally depending on the generosity of strangers. His mission was to make peace with people and make peace with our precious planet Earth

- Britain’s longest-serving editor of ‘Resurgence and Ecologist’ magazine – a post he took up in 1973.  He is now editor emeritus

- Believes the trinity ‘Soil, Soul & Society’ is more relevant today than ‘Mind, Body & Spirit’. ‘We humans are not separate, we are made of soil, earth, air, fire, water and consciousness. We need to live differently”.

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