"WildEast has an ambitious and inspired mission: to transform East Anglia into one of the largest nature reserves in the world over the next 50 years. This is the kind of project that really excites and challenges us. We are not just sharing their story but working alongside them to motivate long-term behavioural change."

Mel Cutcliffe

WildEast is both a movement and a charitable foundation. One with an exciting vision: to transform the East of England into one of Europe’s biggest and most successful nature reserves. Dedicated to reimagining farming in East Anglia, one of the most over-farmed areas in Britain, the hope is that this collective collaboration can act as a model for other areas to follow.

Bringing together government departments, nature organisations, local residents, scientists, businesses, schools and academics, the goal is to help East Anglia become an exemplary ‘regional nature economy’. Aiming to restore 250,000 hectares to a fully functioning, self-sustaining ecosystem, WildEast encourages individuals and organisations to dedicate 20% of whatever they have – whether that be a window-box, a backyard or extensive farmland - towards biodiversity recovery.

To help track their progress - and incentivise involvement – in early 2021, WildEast launched a new, interactive 'Map of Dreams' which can be seen on their website here. A vicar, a special needs school, and a village community are amongst those who’ve already pledged land and feature on this map.

Launched in 2020 by three founding trustees - Hugh Somerleyton, Oliver Birkbeck and Argus Hardy - all East Anglians and committed conservationists, WildEast aims to reintroduce key species, transform food production and create a sustainable legacy for future generations.

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