Zena El Farra

"I’m no artist – I’ve had the classic high-revved city job. Painting for me is like yoga or meditation. It gets me out of my busy head for a minute and helps me focus on the beauty that’s around me. I wanted to share that feeling of flow with others, which is why I created MasterPeace."

- Zena El Farra, a former banker, is the young entrepreneur behind MasterPeace, London's first mindful art studio and boutique gallery which opened in September 2019


- Leading a busy corporate life and with little time to focus on herself, Zena had reached personal burn-out. Her childhood love of art was reignited when her husband bought her a canvas and she began painting again.

- Zena strongly believes in the power of art to reduce stress and anxiety. Her mission is to help others experience the positive effects of creative expression. She is passionate about enabling beginner artists in particular, to experience for themselves the proven restorative benefits painting offers.

- The vision for MasterPeace was to make routine, creative relaxation as easy as booking a yoga class. By making art more accessible Zena hopes more people can benefit from its soothing yet invigorating potential.

- Zena has perfected her own new painting technique using a projector on canvas - making art fun and accessible for all.

- Six months after opening her studio in London's Ecclestone Yards, Covid-19 struck.  But

Zena quickly and successfully pivoted her business model to create a series of stunning yet convenient At Home Art Kits, alongside online tutorials by expert artists. This innovative adaptation has propelled MasterPeace into homes in over 17 different countries around the world so far.