30 Days of Qigong

  • Hayo'uFit is joined by sporting legend Darren Gough to support the charity Movember with 30 days of FREE Qigong, to help men get moving and improve their mood.
  • Simple, effective and enjoyable movements to change your day, one move at a time, via daily Instagram lives.

28 October 2022: Hayo'uFit, the UK's leading online Qigong platform in aid of Movember by offering FREE mental and physical wellbeing practice for all men every day in November that can actively change lives.

Supported by one of the UK's most endearing and relatable sporting legends, English Cricketer and Yorkshire Cricket Captain, Darren Gough MBE and the UK's leading Qigong Instructor Arron Collins-Thomas, the series of live classes and IG Lives - with some very special guests from the world of men's mental health and wellness - are aimed to show men that no matter their physique, fitness level or emotional state, a small movement in a entertaining and enjoyable way can make a huge difference.

This slow, yet powerful, calming, yet energising movement can be practiced sitting, standing, at home or at work – anywhere and any time.

Talking through emotions is great, but it isn't always possible for every man - there is another option that can be done in their own time and space and has proven mental and physical benefits - Darren Gough and Arron are here to introduce the game changing practice of qigong.

Regular sessions help one feel grounded and confident, with just a few minutes of practice.  It helps reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels while delivering improvements to both physical and mental health.  Darren comments "It is better than coffee and I love coffee, but practising qigong really sets me up for the day, I feel alive, energised and I really enjoy it. I even message Arron after practising to tell him how I have so much energy."

Join Darren and Arron on Instagram Live @hayoufit for a 30 minute FREE daily class throughout Movember.

Darren, Arron and key Movember spokespeople are also available for interviews/comment.

To try a session with Hayo’uFit, please contact IndigoEight Communications
annadickinson@indigoeight.com | zoebutt@indigoeight.com
07921 634987 | 07968 875850

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NOTES TO EDITORS:* Survey: 2021 Hayo'uFit Customer survey of 407 respondents

Arron’s reasons why Qigong is so beneficial for men:

1 - Qigong is deeply relaxing and superbly beneficial to the health of the body, and it also gives you the most amazing physique.

2 -  When we are stressed, we hold onto toxicity and we often don’t eat, move or sleep right. The breathing in qigong helps to regulate this stress in the body.

3 - Negative motions can make us hold onto excess weight and when you are suffering from a condition like depression or low mood, the posture of the body reaches forwards around your heart.  This blocks off the energy flow around the body, but by performing Qigong moves to open up the chest and heart, you are allowing the qi to flow more freely and release the posture, which in turn will help lift the feelings of depression. A recent study also found that qigong can help reduce symptoms of depression.

4 - In many of our Western workouts we are addicted to that endorphin rush, but it’s a vicious circle. We hit it hard and then don’t eat and rest properly, then push ourselves into another high-intensity session the next day. We are just wearing our bodies down.  But Qigong nurtures the body, while also building up those energy reserves.WHAT IS QIGONG:Qigong combines slow, considered movements with rhythmic breathing and mental engagement thus improving stress and anxiety, focus and can also give a lean, sculpted body, too. It’s easy to learn, accessible to all whatever your fitness level, and is now fast becoming the go-to programme for men, including Sportsman Darren Gough MBE.  WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF QIGONG FOR MEN?Qigong has been shown in Western research studies to offer many benefits:

  • Strengthens joints and bones
  • Supports prostate health
  • Restores sleep
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps to balance the mood
  • Helps you to feel more energised
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Reduces systemic inflammation
  • Improves immune function
  • Reduces blood pressure

WHAT IS HAYO'UFITHayo’uFit, the UK’s leading online Qigong platform offers affordable, interactive Qigong classes that aim to transform one’s fitness as well as mental wellbeing.  After a 1-week free trial, Monthly subscription costs £40 and can be cancelled at any time.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022