Diagnostics to Delivery at KĒPOS by Goco

Rooted in the belief that a customised approach to wellbeing is the future, ‘KĒPOS by Goco’ – the brand-new pioneering wellness hub at Daios Cove in Crete - enables guests to supercharge their health with access to the very latest in wellbeing tech, all offered in alignment with a laidback family beach holiday. Claiming a rare niche on the family travel map, guests can enjoy all the benefits of the resort (with its infinity pool, ocean views and family-focused restaurants) with a personalised approach to their health, by harnessing the best in diagnostics to help curate an integrated fitness, eating and wellness plan.

Whether the goal is to lose weight, destress, improve sleep, detox, overhaul fitness, recover from an injury, or simply detach from the family for a few hours of ‘me-time’, KĒPOS by Goco delivers in abundance. Pioneering Diagnostics include PNOĒ Biometrics, the Styku 3D body scanner and a Cell Wellbeing Epigenetic Analysis. Each method analyses your health status in a different way.

PNOĒ Biometrics - crafts a personalised nutrition and training programme in accordance with metabolism by analysing 12 different biomarkers from your breath with clinical precision. Optimum foods are then recommended, helping guests to make more informed choices at meal times. Styku is the latest 3D body scanner and delivers precise measurements including shape, composition, and mapping of visceral and external fat. A personalised, results-driven programme can then be created to assist with weight loss/health goals. And non-invasive Cell Wellbeing uses cutting-edge technology to collate a deeper understanding of the body’s systems, delivering a detailed analysis in just 15 minutes. This analysis is particularly recommended for those with joint and inflammation issues as well as skin conditions.

Personal consultations with the in-house medical and fitness team follow-up on data received. The KĒPOS by Goco wellbeing hub provides a 360-degree journey, supporting active healing based on the philosophy ‘prevention is better than a cure’. Regenerative treatments include Cryotherapy – a cryo chamber which exposes the body to extremely low temperatures (-85C) to induce muscle recovery, an increased immune response and enhanced mood, sleep, focus and metabolism. An Infrared Sauna to relieve inflammation, stiffness and muscle and joint soreness and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which increases the volume of oxygen in the bloodstream, improving cognitive function, energy and vitality. Meanwhile, Vitamin Infusions provide an essential boost in vitamins, minerals and amino acids and Colon hydrotherapy cleanses and purifies in alignment with the approach to healthy eating offered throughout the resort’s dining venues.

The KĒPOS by Goco modern facilities include a thermal bathing suite, a vitality pool, the Mind & Body Studio (with Aqua Reax rafts and aerial yoga amongst the experiences) and the expertly curated 354sqm BXR Gym where an exceptional fitness team create a bespoke programme to suit your metabolic needs. Invigorating training sessions are delivered by world-class BXR London coaches in the indoor gym or outdoor function area. BXR London offers the world’s first high-end boxing gym, and sets a new standard for wellness-oriented fitness. The next dedicated week-long BXR Retreats are scheduled at Daios Cove for 6-12 and 13-19 October 2022.

Taking an integrative and holistic approach to health optimisation, KĒPOS by Goco offers the very best in wellness diagnostics. The synergistic programs include nutrition, beauty and fitness, immune system support, and relaxation. Skincare rituals range from the high performance 111SKIN facial to a Deep Body Renewal Treatment by Comfort Zone.

As Dimitris Daios, founder of Daios Cove says, ”Advanced diagnostics really come into their own when the guest is looking to improve their overall wellbeing. At KĒPOS by Goco we make the most of ground-breaking tech, with results that are precise and simple in their delivery, promoting game-changing bespoke wellbeing for our guests’’.

Pioneering and integrative, welcome to a new dawn of diagnostics-to-delivery wellbeing at Daios Cove.

Read about the launch of KĒPOS by Goco here.

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Thursday, August 11, 2022