Meet Our Changemakers For 2022

At IndigoEight, we posed this question internally and our answer?  The need for Change.  We know change isn’t easy, but it starts with each one of us; our own actions and includes who we want to represent and promote.

Our pioneering clients share a commitment to affecting positive change for the planet, in the fields of wellbeing, travel and conservation. Our stable of changemakers is diverse. Some are educators, some are activists. Their individual focus may be varied, but all offer philosophies and solutions to live by. And all share a common trait; the belief that collectively we can make a difference in 2022.

We loved making this short video to sum up just some of the messages and work they are doing. Please watch and enjoy...

Thank you NEWFRUIT Productions for bringing these important messages to life.

We wish you a happy and healthy start to the year and look forward to working with you in 2022!

The IndigoEight team x

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022