New IlluminArty Projector Makes Home Art Effortless

Investment from a recent appearance on Dragons’ Den has gone into the development of a new product which supports wellbeing through creativity at home, and makes getting started with art super simple.

Entrepreneur Zena El Farra (28), received backing from Deborah Meaden in the opening episode of the series, for her mindful painting business MasterPeace, where art supports mental health, boosts the mood and supports relaxation. During lockdown Zena created a series of At Home Art Kits, as a way to help people cope with the anxiety around Covid-19, and the negative effects of self-isolation.

Zena has used part of Meaden’s £50k investment to create IlluminArty, a multi-purpose projector, through which she hopes to bring the wellbeing benefits of creativity into even more homes. Costing £249, it is both a creative art tool as well as a stylish piece of furniture.

"The hardest part about art is often just getting started. Making the first marks on a canvas or drawing the image can be daunting. It's one of the main things we learnt from our studio experience," Zena explains. "An art projector isn't common, but really helps to simplify the process, so even beginner artists can participate. Our new projector is essentially bringing the studio experience into people's homes. It's also a brilliant space saving device, as you have the projector, easel and even a lamp all in one."

How IlluminArty Works - 3 Tools in One
IlluminArty is an innovative tool which enables artists to project an image from their smartphone onto a canvas for them to trace, then paint. The projector also reconfigures to be an artist’s easel and a timelapsing stand. By adding the Pendant Light accessory, it even becomes a stylish desk lamp - ideal for the space-conscious crafter with an eye for design.

Multiple simple configurations make getting creative part of the furniture”, Zena El Farra

Projector: Connect your smartphone, laptop or PC to llluminArty and project a photo onto your canvas. This makes it easy to sketch the outline, then paint to complete the artwork. It’s also possible to enlarge your hand-drawn sketches without having to use gridlines and design murals up to 1.5m wide – or bigger if you work in sections.

Timelapsing Stand: Those, such as teachers, who want to film as they work, can use the projector as a stand. The overhead view points the smartphone camera down over the tabletop. Alternatively, the upright view directs the phone outward to an easel or wall, while the face-on view directs the phone at face-height - ideal for shooting blogs or live classes.

A Tabletop Easel: This is both A4 & A3 compatible with a secure lip to hold a board in place.

Handmade in London, by artisan craftsman Cameron Jow, each piece features unique variations in the natural wooden grain, with a classic-meets-contemporary angle-poise frame.

We designed it to feel like 'part of the furniture', something you'd be proud to showcase at the heart of your home rather than on the top shelf or in the attic. That way, it's easy to build creativity into your day-to-day routines, as all the tools you need are always within arms reach,” explains Zena.

As well as launching her new Illuminarty projector, Zena has used Meaden’s money to redesign the range of at home art kits, so they are almost entirely recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.

The new IlluminArty costs £249 and is available from the MasterPeace website:

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Monday, April 26, 2021