RAKxa Appoints IndigoEight

We are proud to announce our appointment to represent RAKxa in the UK.  Many destination wellbeing retreats talk about bringing together traditional therapies and leading science.  RAKxa is possibly Asia’s first centre to truly deliver on this promise.  

The term ‘rakxa’, meaning to preserve or to heal, parallels the inherent concept of the wellness destination, which was launched in partnership with VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic - the anti-aging clinic of Bumrungrad International Hospital. Taking the concept of holistic wellbeing beyond the completeness of treatments and programmes, RAKxa guests receive a truly integrated experience of a real wellbeing journey that incorporates diagnostics, living, eating and resting well.

Located 45 minutes outside of Bangkok, the retreat embraces the very best of this sensory tropical destination and Thailand’s warm hospitality. The setting at Bang Krachao, which is situated in a protected environment and surrounded by nature, perfectly complements the retreat’s many and varied programmes.

What sets RAKxa apart? All guests receive a full diagnostic overview together with medical lab tests and evidence-based physical assessments. This results in a comprehensive and bespoke plan of action to optimise guest’s health in the best manner possible. Whether guests have a pre-existing condition, or are looking to maintain overall wellbeing via meditative or body-strengthening means, the programmes at RAKxa effectively help guests on their health journey.

Offering a carefully curated selection of treatment methods across many disciplines, RAKxa combines holistic methods drawn from Eastern healing modalities with science-based modern medical techniques.

Their four signature retreat programmes are based on the understanding of each person’s individual needs: whether these are physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. Combining technology and tradition, a team of experienced doctors and specialists help guests with profound lifestyle transformations.

By integrating depth of wisdom and knowledge, together with a comprehensive variety of health practices, this one-of-a-kind retreat is the ground-breaking destination that is firmly establishing Thailand as a top-ranking, world-class medical wellness destination.

About RAKxa:

  • A fully integrated wellness and medical retreat - RAKxa shapes the wellness and medical industry through its innovative integration of preventative healthcare using cutting-edge technology, ancient holistic treatments and immersive nature experiences.
  • Providing transformational and sustainable results for guests with the unified and scientifically backed method of care, encompassing a choice of modern and traditional treatments from different cultures.
  • Easily accessible urban oasis in Asia in the post-pandemic - with Thailand now open to UK travellers, RAKxa is one of the easiest accessible long haul destinations for guests around the globe seeking a harmonious lifestyle and a new well being journey. RAKxa offers the perfect place to reset, boost immunity and prioritise health goals through a combination of advanced medical treatments, holistic therapies and anti-inflammatory cuisine, which people are very keen to pursue in the post-pandemic era.
  • Scientific Wellness: An exceptional partnership with VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic, operated by VitalLife, the anti-aging arm of Bumrungrad Hospital offers advanced anti-aging technology, rejuvenation, positive lifestyle regimens, and personalised holistic medicine designed to optimise guest’s health and longevity.
  • RAKxa’s Holistic Wellness Centre offers an extensive range of Holistic treatments backed up by scientific results and research complementing medical procedures for the best outcomes.
  • On-site restaurants and nutritionist support: Organic and anti-inflammatory cuisine from two restaurants serving international food and traditional Asian recipes infused with ancient healing properties. Guests benefit from nutritionist support for personalised dietary programmes.
  • International credibility: RAKxa works with world-class medical doctors from the internationally accredited Bumrungrad International Hospital who are experts of time-honoured healing disciplines that integrate science and tradition together.

RAKxa’s treatment facilities are grouped into three main zones:

  • The VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic - offers a wealth of technologically-based equipment, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber, infrared sauna used for detoxification, cryo-sauna for cold therapy and an advanced infusions clinic.
  • RAKxa JAI building - the retreat’s holistic wellness centre, where ancient traditions of healing work in tandem with modern methodologies.
  • RAKxa GAYA - Referred to as a “medical gym” because of its diagnostic approach. Unlike a regular gym, the Olympic grade machines are designed to assess the guest body’s stability and balance, as well as analyse everyday movement and posture  - a workout for both the body and the brain.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022