Tibetan Healing in Gstaad

As we head into winter, the need to rest, recover and revitalise is stronger than ever.  A wellbeing escape in the sunshine, light and air of the fresh Swiss Alps promises to provide the ultimate in rejuvenation. Celebrating 10 years in 2022, The Alpina Gstaad continues to innovate, with wellbeing programmes that respond to the current climate and our health needs.

Keep strong and boost immunity this winter with the hotel's stress-relieving Tibetan Healing Retreat. Activities such as Tibetan yoga, Hor-me Therapy with Kunye Massage, sound healing and meditation are supported by nourishment, lifestyle and medicine recommendations. It’s the perfect programme to bring you back into balance.  

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living
Run by Head Therapist Antonis Sarris, The Alpina Gstaad’s Tibetan Healing Retreat is an Eastern-inspired programme designed to realign the body and bring everything into optimal functioning capacity. Situated in the pristine natural environment of Gstaad, the retreat focuses on relieving stress with daily Meditation & Tibetan Yoga breathing.

Guests are given two wellness screenings, a Tibetan sound healing session and Ku nye massage using Hor-Me (tiny, warm herbal poultices). Also included is a Tibetan & Stress Consultation, a Six Senses Signature Massage to help sooth tension, deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra, and an Alchemy facial. On the last day, Tsa-rLung therapy restores the energy flow system of the body and encourages blocked channels to function normally. It’s ideal for those seeking to balance body, mind and spirit and harness ancient wisdom for modern living.  

The three-day, four-night retreat costs from CHF 5,454 per person, including breakfast.

Wellbeing Tips For Winter
To optimise our health in this post-pandemic era, Antonis Sarris, Head Therapist at the hotel’s Six Senses Spa recommends: “Use herbs such as nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, asafoetida in food and teas, try warm oil massages and baths, and stay in warm and cosy places. Connect with loved ones and avoid stressful conditions, and if possible, practice daily short meditation, yoga, tai chi and breathing exercises.” For more tips from Antonis, see his 10 Alpine-Inspired Wellbeing Tips For Winter.

The Alpina Gstaad reopens on 10 December - 13 March 2022.  www.thealpinagstaad.ch

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021