Our Winter Of Wellbeing

As we move gently towards the Winter of 2021 the collective awakening around the importance of self-care and preventative health measures shows no sign of abating. A new global survey from American Express has identified that consumers are now investing more time and money on their physical and mental health and 76% plan to spend more on travel geared specifically towards improving their wellbeing. We can well believe it. The need to rest, recover, regroup and reinvent is palpable, and with all the new challenges around travelling the message is clear. If you’re going to travel, make it count.  And what could be a better investment than your health?

Please find below our selection of the best spas, retreats and medi-clinics for a complete health overhaul this winter:


A New Group Retreat from The Arrigo Programme, UK

‘Realising and Releasing the Power & Potential of the Mind’ (3-5 December 2021)

A group retreat in a beautiful Georgian Rectory in Somerset, co-hosted by leading psychotherapist and founder of The Arrigo Programme, Fiona Arrigo, and the legend that is Cornelius O’Shaughnessy. Fiona offers over 40 years of experience in helping others to make sense of their personal stories and rebalance their life. Wise, witty and a life-enhancer, she is Britain’s foremost retreat leader, bringing together the best in body and breathwork, healing treatments and talk therapy. Meanwhile, Cornelius has studied the mind, meditation and Eastern philosophy for over 25 years. He teaches what is regarded as the most direct route to enlightenment and self-realisation. This two-day inner retreat offers an experiential journey into the nature of the mind through teachings and meditations. It will profer a state of profound peace and encourage guests to step into their true potential. The weekend includes wholesome, nutritious food, Dharma teachings, sound healings, personal treatments and, of course, meditations. Both relaxing and reviving.  www.thearrigoprogramme.com


New ‘Winter Fit’ at The Original FX Mayr, Austria

(Available from 9 January - 28 February 2022)

This year-round health focused destination is introducing the new ‘Winter Fit’ programme for anyone needing to destress and build energy over the colder months. A special add-on to the traditional Maye ‘cure’, the programme includes special medical diagnostics (which measure, for example, cholesterol levels, Vitamin D and B12) alongside treatments specifically selected to boost intestinal health and the immune system. A 3D Body Scan with an infrared sensor calculates body fat percentage and individual energy requirements, providing the ideal basis for in-depth nutritional advice. Meanwhile an Applied Kinesiology Test checks for any food intolerances which can prove to be the root cause behind symptoms and imbalances. Massages, Colon-Hydro-Therapy, regenerative HIIT Altitude Training and intravenous infusions all provide the ideal boost and self-knowledge for winter survival. This new programme can be booked supplementary to the Mayr Basic or Mayr Classic and costs from €865 per person. www.orignal-mayr.com

‘Feel Alive Again’ at Euphoria Retreat, Greece

(Retreats: 11 -14 November & 9 -12 December

From Greece’s leading destination spa, Euphoria Retreat's ‘Feel Alive Again’ programme is designed to offer guests an innovative pathway to negotiating a post-pandemic world. Centered on recovery and renewal, the ‘Feel Alive Again’ concept is about processing the past, releasing the negative, feeling safe and secure, reconnecting with people and harnessing both inner strength and flexibility. Five Elements meditations and expressive dance and performance work rooted in the Greek myths provide a portal for emotional release and expression. Other activities include journaling, forest treasure hunts, music and mandalas, sunset gatherings, breathwork classes and nutritional workshops.  Run by the effervescent founder, Marina Effaimoglou, and the wonderfully wise Mary Vandorou, this immersive group retreat is recommended to. those who might be feeling exhausted, lethargic, lost, lonely or in need of extra support. It can be layered on to existing programmes or enjoyed by itself and customised with additional treatments.  Prices start from €890pp and include a minimum of 3-hour daily sessions. Accommodation and meals are priced separately.

Tibetan Healing Retreat at The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland
10 December - 13 March 2022

The Alpina Gstaad’s Tibetan Healing Retreat is an Eastern-inspired programme designed to realign the body and bring everything into optimal functioning capacity. Situated in the pristine natural environment of Gstaad, the retreat focuses on relieving stress with daily Meditation & Tibetan Yoga breathing. Guests are given 2 wellness screenings based on the Tibetan system of healing, which includes a Tibetan sound healing session and Ku nye massage using Hor-Me (tiny, warm herbal poultices). Also included is a Tibetan & Stress Consultation, a Six Senses Signature Massage to help sooth tension, deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra, and an Alchemy facial. On the last day, Tsa-rLung therapy restores the energy flow system of the body and encourages blocked channels to function normally. Ideal for those seeking to balance body, mind and spirit and harness ancient wisdom for modern living. The three-day, four-night retreat costs from CHF 5’454 per person, including breakfast. www.thealpinagstaad.ch


New Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

With Indonesia recently removed from the UK’s red list, Bali is all set to soon reopen to British travellers. Be among the first to experience the new Healing Village Spa at the iconic Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay. Emerging from an 18-month-long renovation, The Healing Village Spa fuses ancient wisdom with modern science. Revolutionary treatments combine light and sound, thermal and colour therapy and plants and gemstones to complement the traditional healing for which Bali is so renowned. The spa features Bali’s first ‘Surround Sound Spa Suite’, The Illume Room, complete with a heated quartz-sand bed, coloured light therapy, gemstones, crystal singing bowls and surround sound original music.  Meanwhile, the ‘Longevity Garden’ is a new private DIY treatment space in a lush secret garden. Fully certified yoga masters offer sessions at the studio or the ocean’s edge, including Anti-Gravity, Yin and Restorative Hot Stone Yoga, as well as Balinese Sekala Yoga, which ends with a blessing and energy cleansing by the Resort’s Balinese-Hindu priest. Ever a special spa destination, these inventive and sensory new additions consolidate the hotel as a serious player and one which has completely upped the ante. For the full range of treatments, programmes and retreats available throughout winter, visit www.fourseasons.com/jimbaranbay/spa/


Queen of Retreats: The most trusted resource for retreating

For recommended retreats in both the UK and abroad, visit top travel website www.queenofretreats.com. This go-to, trusted directory is the ultimate source for all things retreating – from health, detox and yoga galore to life-coaching, writing, art, and all forms of creativity,  to those places renowned for being adept in the art of change, healing and transformation. Independent reviews are written by a trusted team of experts who have visited each retreat in person.  You can search by location, type of retreat and dates.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021