6 Wellness Predictions for 2021

As we see a shift towards preventative health this year, The Good Spa Guide, the UK’s leading spa authority, shares their predictions of where the wellness industry is expected to boom this year.

1 We Care Is The New Self Care - The Good Spa Awards added a Best Community Spa category to their 2020 Awards. Self-care becomes more about feeling connected and caring about others; being able to share openly, to listen and be emphatic; it's about thinking collectively in order to stay safe. They expect to see larger companies sharing their profits, raising awareness, celebrating diversity and looking after their staff’s wellbeing.

2 The Rise Of ‘Healing’ Wellness Breaks - Over 10 million in the UK are currently struggling with mental health. As that figure continues to rise, self-improvement and mindfulness retreats are becoming the ‘new boot camps’. A 'detox’ means a break from modern life rather than a juice fast. The Good Spa Guide’s top picks include:

  • Ragdale Hall Leicestershire - with treatments designed for those who are feeling burnt out or recovering from illness, stress or bereavement;
  • Homefield Grange Northampton - this ultra-smart, minimalist spa revolves around detox, weight loss, health and wellbeing;
  • Middle Piccadilly Spa Retreat Dorset - their Emergence Retreat offers guidance on how to cope with our “new normal”;
  • Weavers House Spa Suffolk - their recovery treatment is ideal ‘for those feeling overwhelmed’.  
Rudding Park Spa

3 More Light Therapy and Circadian Rhythms Treatments - For example, Rudding Park Spa now offers Sunlight Therapy and ESPA at Lucknam Park offers a dedicated sleep healing retreat.

4 Increased Demand for Sound and Energy Healing Therapies - Spas have seen a surge in demand for holistic treatments and this is set to continue. Try gong baths at Three Graces Spa at Grantley Hall, reiki at Lifehouse Spa and the NAD energy infusions at The Coach House Spa at Beaverbrook.

The Swinton Country Club

5 Mainstream CBD Experiences - Reducing pain, supporting positive mental health and improving relaxation are just three reported benefits of CBD. Now mainstream, there is an increase in spas working with CBD products. At Rudding Park guests can enhance treatments with a CBD Experience, from hot towel hand wraps infused with CBD oil, to CBD tea and chocolate.

6 Rise Of The Digital Detox and ‘Enforced’ Wellness Breaks - Working (and schooling) from home combined with 24/7 connectivity is leaving us frazzled. These spas encourage a complete disconnect from technology in order to reconnect...

For further information on the Good Spa Guide please visit www.goodspaguide.co.uk

Monday, January 25, 2021