Be A Happy Tapper - With Hayo'u Method

Following Hayo’u Method’s huge success in launching facial gua sha into the marketplace, this pioneering brand is delighted to announce the launch of the Body Tapper Bamboo.

Three reasons we love tapping:

  1. One of the best and easiest ways to support your health
  2. Gives your circulation a serious wake-up call
  3. Relieves muscular tension & stimulates lymphatic drainage

What’s not to love about bamboo tapping?

We are super excited about this one, because tapping sits naturally alongside gua sha as the next stage to mastering your health.

Tapping with bamboo is an ancient Chinese therapy that works wonders for your general wellbeing! It’s a simple, pleasurable, yet hugely effective way to support and maintain your health, no matter what your age or physical state. Forms of tapping such as EFT have become extremely popular over the last few years – and these have their roots in this Chinese technique.

But how does it work? Well, according to Chinese medicine an absolute fundamental of health is a good circulation of qi and blood around the body. This flow can be disrupted or stagnate for any number of reasons; a sedentary lifestyle, stress, emotional upset or injuries.

Impaired circulation will lead to an array of symptoms: aches and pains, atrophy and weakness, low energy, skin issues, bad sleep, sluggish metabolism and digestive issues to name but a few. We may start to lose our co-ordinated and balanced physique.

Tapping the skin on a daily basis enables the free flow of this all important circulation. In as little as one-minute a day, an all over body tap can clear areas of stagnation, support lymphatic drainage and encourage a smooth flow of blood and qi around the body.

Our skin is our largest sensory organ. So, not only does tapping offer all these remarkable physical benefits, it also feels amazing, is hugely relaxing and reduces cortisol levels.

The Body Tapper comprises thin bamboo rods. These rods diffuse the tapping force to work safely over the entire body, including the hard to reach back area and any extremities. And best of all - it feels incredible.

Why bamboo?

Natural, biodegradable and renewable, bamboo is the original sustainable material. An iconic Chinese wood that’s been used for millennia. Why? It has a unique flexibility and according to Chinese medicine is considered to provide a myriad of health benefits to the body as it is cooling, calming, and phlegm resolving. And, as you will see, it’s really easy to use!

Here’s how to use your tapper:

The Price of the Bamboo Tapper is £28.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019