NEW - Radical Corporate Wellness Retreats In UK

* Google Search for “Signs of burnout” up 150% in 2020 & only increasing this year
* Studies show journaling, breathwork, forest bathing and nature boost wellbeing
* Pack away the paintball and let forest bathing create meaningful team connections

After a tough year of Zoom and gloom, blurred boundaries between work and life, and general exhaustion, two entrepreneurs have set up retreats in Surrey and Hampshire for teams to “Restore, Recharge and Reimagine” - and all in just 36 hours.

The Life Adventure, set up by Justine Clement, and author and consultant, Preethi Nair, combine their respective expertise in wellness and storytelling. Groups of up to 20 colleagues, some of whom have never met due to Covid-19, can come together in person and connect/reconnect. Surrounded by outstanding beauty, staying in luxurious bell tents and being served locally sourced food, the 36-hour retreat offers experiences such as storytelling, journaling, vision building, Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) and Conscious Connected Breathwork.

“We had the idea as clients were asking for ways to re-energise their tired teams who are all Zoomed out,” says Preethi Nair who works with executive leadership teams to help them build stories and communities. “There is a real need for connection and we wanted to create a space where teams could come together and not just connect with each other, but with themselves and also nature. It allows them to start thinking of the big picture again.”

Justine Clement adds, “It might not sound like a typical corporate retreat but our programme is grounded in science. Studies have shown that journaling can improve mental health and just two hours in nature can boost happiness and wellbeing. So imagine what 36 hours can do. Practicing conscious connected breath releases stress, boosts immunity and improves sleep.  We just want to equip people with tools that they can then go on and use every day in their lives.”

Tuesday, April 20, 2021