IndigoEight News: Autumn 2020 Edition

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. Perhaps at no other point in time has each and every individual across the globe been so profoundly affected by the same uncertainty– and with no clear solution or finish line. The travel industry in particular faces ongoing difficulties and yet – despite the adversity – we are also witnessing a key moment in history. One where we are given the space and the time to put new foundations in place for the future, communicate our messages correctly and raise awareness around issues such as conservation, sustainability and frankly, the true meaning of ‘well-being.’

We’ve been incredibly inspired by the galvanizing desire in our clients to harness the fortitude and foresight needed to navigate their way positively through changing times, and by their ability to adapt. We’ve also been uplifted by the depth and authenticity of our on-going relationships both with clients and the media. All of us united in our desire to protect and regenerate both ourselves and our planet. Hard as it's been – and continues to be - there’s nothing like a crisis to bring people together, lend clarity of vision and find newfound appreciation for beauty, kindness and connection.

REINVENTION: The Rise of Virtual

Many of our clients are businesses which have quickly and successfully pivoted online – a phenomenon that seems likely to stay, not least for sheer convenience. There is also the added bonus of being able to reach a much wider audience. If you missed our virtual tour of the new Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Bali Jimbaran Bay (where you can nourish yourself with organic volcanic mud wraps and coconut soap- imagine!) do watch this recording so you can teleport yourself there.

Chinese Medicine expert and Qigong teacher Katie Brindle, beloved for her infectious energy, came into her own during Lockdown 1.0, garnering a massive following on IGTV which has led to the creation of her fantastic new online platform Hayo'uFit: an ongoing library of Qigong classes and courses delivered by Katie and other teachers. If you’re feeling the lethargy of winter setting in – this is for you. So too ilapothecarys ‘Beat The Blues’ range, packed with uplifting, nourishing ingredients and, again, available online where sales have rocketed – talk about right product, right time.  

Further afield but suddenly right in our sitting rooms Ananda in the HimalayasIndia’s legendary destination spa, is now offering online programmes with access to their experts at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for anyone struggling with health issues or who wants to learn more about Ayurveda without getting on a plane.

If you’d like to know more about how spas in the UK & Ireland are responding to the pandemic then the Good Spa Guide is a fantastic resource, and this year takes its annual Spa Awards online for the first time. Put the 24th November in your diary. And for a broader selection of virtual retreats you can always rely on Queen of Retreats to curate the best of the best.

REGENERATION: Conservation & Sustainability

We’ve said it before - way before the pandemic arrived - and we’ll say it again: protecting our planet for future generations is a primary concern. Most of our clients remain ahead of the pack when it comes to sustainable, eco approaches and now we see a newfound interest and relevance in their methodology.

From Corc Yogas mats to the bags and accessories by British design brand GROUNDTRUTH (set up by three gorgeous sisters with a background in documentaries), what we buy and consume is as important as where we travel and how we travel. We discussed these issues with one of our Leaders, Regional VP Armando Kraenzlin of the Four Seasons Maldives in an international ‘Deep Dive’ webinar where journalist and sustainability expert, Juliet Kinsman, dived into all the difficult questions. This exploration helped to shine a light on the amazing initiatives set up in the past 20 years by Armando in this particularly delicate part of the world. The hotel plans to make headway with its new Planetary Wellbeing spa concept launching this month- watch this space!

Much closer to home (somewhere we tend to be these days) TEALS, a new waste-conscious café, market and gift store, promises to be an exciting new eco foodie destination in Somerset and a champion of local suppliers – a model that’s set to become an archetype. And, N.B. - you can explore other beautiful parts of the UK with the Beaver Trust by watching their new online film 'Beavers without Borders', to be streamed live on YouTube on 15 November and supported by TENT. Enjoy this teaser!

Alternatively, if you prefer bugs to beavers, you can buy a new insect hotel from the The Alpina Gstaad - invest in their philosophy and contribute to biodiversity at the same time. Result.

HOPEFUL HORIZON: Have Passport, Will Travel

Four Seasons Voavah, Maldives

The world will open up again – and when it does, we’re prepared. There may be uncertainty, but travel journalists will likely lead the way – and when you’re ready, we’re ready. We need something to look forward to after-all.

We’ve already tapped into a rapid rise of interest in preventative health - strengthening our bodies for the long term and maintaining balanced mental health have become priorities.  So where to dream of?

The famous Original FX Mayr promises to provide the perfect post-lockdown cleanse. The exquisite countryside surrounding Euphoria Retreat, Greece’s most exciting young destination spa, is a tonic for the soul – coupled with new immune boosting wellbeing programmes and therapeutic healers.

Yogis will also delight in Corc Yoga’s new summer 2021 retreat in Portugal – contact us for more details. Many of our clients fit the changing needs of travellers – those seeking a different sort of isolation, in places they trust, close to the ever-restorative escapism of nature.

The lodges of Alladale, in the fresh air and wilds of the Scottish highlands, are ideal, and also provide an education in sustainable hospitality. Paul Lister, one of our thought Leaders, has been a trailblazer in this area for years and has a lot to say about our human impact on nature. Another voice in this arena is Nachson Mimran in Switzerland, Creative Director of The Alpina Gstaad. Surrounded by Alpine beauty with healing spa programmes, this hotel holds sustainability in its DNA.

One thing’s for sure, when we travel again – which we will - we want to travel well.

INSPIRATION: Overcoming Adversity

We’ve been inspired by Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford and his drive to encourage the government to provide free school meals for children during the holidays. In the same vein, we couldn’t be prouder of Chefs in Schools – our inspirational client that provided 300,000 meals to hungry families during Lockdown 1.0.  Get behind their campaign #EndChildFoodPoverty.

Lastly, trying new things and channelling our creativity is a wonderful way to release emotion and reset our memory bank.  London art studio MasterPeace may be closed but founder, Zena El Farra, created a whole new offering; her At Home Art Kits are an ongoing success. For the festive season you can pick to paint a beautiful ice skating scene at Somerset House.  

Feeling part of a community and knowing ‘we are all in this together’ is such a positive way to process and deal with instability.

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