Victoria Fuller


What do you do to look after your mind, body and soul?

A Vedic meditator for over 25 years, I am clear it was the best thing I ever learnt.  I love yoga, but 2020 is all about Qi Gong and breath-work.

What’s the one thing we can all do to help the planet?

Be in nature, at any opportunity, in all seasons. We can only preserve what we try to understand and appreciate.

Who inspires you?

JK Rowling and her ability to speak up for what she believes in. Zach Bush on all things natural health and medicine. Claire Dubois of Tree Sisters and her radical message on moving from a consumer to restorative economy. Sheila Donnelly Theroux throughout my career…

What’s your guilty pleasure?

After a long day - a brandy and ginger ale in the bath with my husband.