Alexa Poortier

Founder of NOW Transforming Hospitality GmbH

“Our priority is the traveller, the most important person to the travel industry. Our goals are to grow a global community who believe that travellers have a responsibility to be a Force for Good and to change attitudes and behaviour - starting with the hospitality sector - no greenwashing allowed.”

  • Determined and formidable leader committed to trumpeting an urgent call to action within the hotel sector. 
  • Co-founder of the ground-breaking inspirational platform - a legacy project launched with husband Onno, on Earth Day 2017, after nearly four decades of joint experience in international business development, marketing, branding, communications and hotel operations.
  • Constantly demanding accountability and transparency around hotel practices and enabling awareness in consumer habits around sustainability. 
  • To tackle climate change, Alexa believes that sustainability, carbon neutrality and the 17 Global Goals set by the United Nations must be the cornerstone of a coordinated global recovery response actioned by governments, key agencies, companies and individuals.
  • Walks the talk.