Katie Brindle

Founder of the Hayo'u Method & Hayo’uFit

“I’ve been on a long journey from patient to practitioner, during which I’ve learned two important lessons. That Chinese medicine often really does have the answer. And that good health starts with yang sheng, or self-care. My aim is to make Chinese medicine achievable and accessible. And as habitual as brushing your teeth.”

- Prominent UK practitioner of Chinese Medicine educating the public about the benefits including self-care and Qigong.

- Author of best-selling book ‘Yang Sheng, The Art of Chinese Self-Healing’ - designed to  increase awareness and encourage people to master their own health.  

- Respected and recognized for the warmth and strength of her character and for her commitment to ensuring ancient self-care rituals are accessible for modern home use. 

- Generously shares her wisdom, continually posts inspirational and motivating IGTV content as well as advice and health tips on Instagram and in virtual clinics. 

- Became particularly beloved during lockdown for her daily Qigong classes which garnered a cult following. 

- Her tribe, fondly known as ‘Qi Gang,’ includes journalists, influencers and celebrities, many of whom continue to join her for Laughter Qigong. 

- Creator of the multiple award-winning Hayo’u Method and the newly launched on-line fitness platform Hayo’uFit

- Available for private consultations (including Ba Zi readings) at her London and Somerset clinics.