Nick & Ash Sinfield

Founders, TEALS

“It’s thrilling to be starting a business so closely born from life experience. Where better to grow roots than Somerset; a region rich with produce, home to a wonderful community of craftspeople and where orchards are ever-present.”

- The entrepreneurial British couple behind TEALS,  an eco-destination in Somerset - part ‘green’ service station, part local farm store, opening this winter

- Born out of their year bicycling 13,500 km through Africa, where traditional ‘farm stalls’ offered respite for legs exhausted by distance, dust and heat.

- Pragmatic and resilient, Nick and Ash, who live in the area, built TEALS during lockdown whilst homeschooling their three children. 

- Nick and Ash gave up senior management roles in hospitality and retail to follow their dream and create a sustainable brand for the future

- They have loved curating the selection of produce from the West Country, a region rich in independent farmers and artisans

- The couple’s vision includes being the first low-plastic, fuel-free services on the A303 with electric car charging points.  

- Nick and Ash are all set to be applauded for their design sensitivity. Not just a store but an experience, TEALS is centred around an apple orchard, buildings use reclaimed timber and solar electricity, and waste is minimal.