Bring The Benefits Of Hayo'u Into Your Home

Infused with The Hayo'u Method's signature scent - a potent blend of ylang ylang, lemongrass and lotus blossom. When creating the fragrance, founder Katie Brindle was inspired by her knowledge of these iconic Chinese ingredients - used in temples for thousands of years and revered in ancient China for their specific health benefits.

As with allThe Hayo'u Method's products, the new candle is most effective in combination with their simple daily self care rituals. Fragrance inhalation with essential oils is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, relax your nervous system and boost your mood. This is why the anti-inflammatory essential oils used work so effectively when combined with the deep breathing technique of the Rescue Breath Ritual.

You will never want to leave home again....

Hayo’u Scented Candle £48

A hand-poured coconut and rapeseed vegan candle.  Contains no mineral oil or petrolatum. Keep the cotton wick trimmed and enjoy up to 55 hours of burning time.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020