Fiona Arrigo

Founder of The Arrigo Programme, Intuitive Healer, Biodynamic Psychotherapist, Mentor and Life Teacher

“We are not in trouble, we are in transition."

- Recognised as a leader in her field with over 40 years of experience, Fiona’s work has never been more relevant.

- Draws on the wisdom of ancient teachings, combined with her unique ability to encourage life-change and inner healing.

- Legendary for co-launching Stop the World, Britain’s first alternative health retreat in 1990

- Attracts clients from across the world to The Arrigo Programme, which offers carefully curated therapeutic and clinical solutions on how to deal with 21 st Century Living.

- Her popularity is due in large part to her approach: uniquely personal, deeply human, humorous yet always practical.

- Offers profound heart understanding and intuitive insights.

- Sensitively allows clients to re-examine the narrative of their lives, connect with their own wisdom, and reach a place of resolution, peace and newfound joy.

- Fiona and The Arrigo Programme can be accessed in various ways, from Group Retreats in the UK and abroad to her new online offerings.