Fiona Arrigo Launches New Virtual Programme

Globally acclaimed and much-loved psychotherapist Fiona Arrigo is delighted to introduce a new online offering to provide support, community, inspiration, joy and laughter in 2021.

Born at a moment in time when we had to come together even though we couldn’t be together, the New Codes For Living programme sets a new benchmark in technologically supported at-home self-care. it marks the dawn of new era for Britain’s most sophisticated retreat provider, The Arrigo Programme, as it becomes more accessible and more affordable for anybody looking for soul-based creativity, philosophy, music, meditations, musings, intelligent conversation and new ways to navigate the challenges of our changing world and shifting inner lives.


With immense sensitivity and style Fiona Arrigo has reinvented the age-old tradition of women’s circles, which honour the power of women coming together to share, educate, support, thread-weave and create magic.

Harnessing over 40-years of experience with feminine community and conceived in 2020 to provide the solidity of a united community, Fiona’s holds a virtual space where the collective intent is to explore the potential, inherent in each of us, when we step out of singular thinking and into heart-based coherence. This annual membership circle not only brings together people who speak the same language, it invites a conscious collective exploration of Fiona’s suggested ‘New Codes for Living’ – these codes are the values upon which we build our lives. Trust, resilience, courage, self-awareness, grace, authenticity, beauty, discernment, loyalty, spaciousness – all, and more, are in the cooking pot. The idea is to delve, discuss, deliberate – stir the juice of our existence - in order to remember the power and necessity of collaboration. “As we circle together, we discover the glue that bind us and we are able to dream a new story, a new way of being’, says Fiona. 

New Codes For Living is a new network which honours all perspectives and respects all of life. It is about learning and growing together, and it is also about belonging. Experiencing a process of collective regeneration, participants join together once a month from all over the world, including the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  The age group has ranged from women in their early 20’s to their late 70’s.  The community is further supported on a daily basis through a variety of optional nurturing activities and group meetings.


  • A monthly 3-hour circle session hosted by Fiona on Saturday’s 10am-1pm. Intimate ‘breakout rooms’ are created for self-inquiry, sharing and journaling. There is no pressure to speak. Recordings are emailed to those unable to join. Each month expert guest speakers are invited, by Fiona.
  • A daily prompt and reminder, via a group What’s app, to bring focus, intent and vision to a 6pm meditation, practiced individually but all at the same time.  (optional).
  • Weekly Wednesday evening support groups with Marissa – more casual gatherings to come together and share what’s on your mind. (optional).
  • Weekly Friday Night Groove - online meet up for 30 mins of dance, music, movement (optional).
  • Once a month movie share and discussion (optional).
  • Hand-picked recommended reading and courses by Fiona.
  • Additional personal support if needed with a New Codes for Living coach (additional charge).

LAUNCH DATE: 24th April, 2021
PRICE: £33 a month.
A portion of the proceeds will be given to The Siddartha Foundation and Tree Sisters.


“New Codes for Living was my pick-me-up in 2020. The course gave me a different perspective on this past year. Feelings of anxiety and powerlessness were transformed. This group has lifted and supported me throughout. I am pleased Fiona is making New Codes more accessible to a wider audience.”Rhoda, Dentist. 

The ability for women to come together and sit in circle has been re-imagined during this crisis.  I am in awe of the power and impact of these gatherings and now wish to widen the group and call in more women to join us.” Fiona Arrigo, Founder of The Arrigo Programme

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021