The Global Retreat Company

"I have known and respected Caroline’s ability to seek, select and robustly test the world’s best retreats for over a decade. We believe the ability to retreat with a group of likeminded people will be one of the things we will most crave when the world starts moving again. The IndigoEight team is looking forward to promoting the best of the best via The Global Retreat Company."

Mel Cutcliffe

In today’s chaotic world, the desire and need to retreat has never been greater, yet people feel confused by the overwhelming choice and mountain of unreliable information out there.

The Global Retreat Company is an intelligently curated collection of retreats that have been reviewed and recommended honestly, with care by a trusted team. It features the best, and most authentic, tried and tested retreats around the world, with in-depth, impartial information, engaging personal guest reviews and features to inspire retreating.

The Global Retreat Company began as Queen of Retreats in 2011, started by leading retreat journalist and author Caroline Sylge following the publication of her acclaimed healthy travel books Body & Soul Escapes: Worldwide and Body & Soul Escapes: Britain & Ireland (Footprint). From Abergavenny to Zimbabwe, there are retreats to boost your health. Detox. Get fit. Wild swim and Yoga galore…

There are Retreats where you can learn. From dancing, surfing and free diving, to gardening or perfecting photography. There are Retreats to create - from novels or artworks to gardens. There are Retreats to reconnect as a couple, with family, or, if it’s silence you crave, digital detox and meditation retreats you can enjoy by yourself.

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