"RAKxa’s partnership with the Bumrungrad International Hospital means they are the first wellness centre in SE Asia to really deliver on the idea of integrated health.  Extraordinary therapeutic treatments combined with highly personalised diagnostics in a clinical setting - gives guests the confidence to explore longevity with the A team."

Victoria Fuller

Located just 45 minutes outside of Bangkok, RAKxa combines Thailand’s tropical beauty and warmth of hospitality in a sleek resort setting with progressive science-based modern medical techniques and therapies drawn from Eastern healing modalities.

With an ethos centred in the idea of preventative health care measures, tailored 3-14 day programmes powerfully combine exceptional holistic treatments and organic, anti-inflammatory healthy food choices with a pioneering partnership with longevity clinic ‘VitalLife’, a subsidiary of the world-renowned Bumrungrad International Hospital, a famous and highly respected private hospital built on 26 years of excellence.

VitalLife’s avant-garde diagnostics (including the body’s nutrient levels and DNA testing) and medical expertise are supported in equal measure by leading doctors in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, each sharing with the other to complete the patient picture.

Offering a rare combination of innovative medicine and ancient wisdom, RAKxa is reshaping the medical wellness industry and breaking new ground on the Thai spa scence.

+ stunning hotel setting + pioneering medical care + world-class doctors + holistic healing + re-generative treatments + profound transformation