The European Nature Trust

"I spent a large part of my travels going to Africa in search of wildlife and wilderness and never considered Europe. I’ve now discovered that the bears and wolves of Romania can be just as exciting. This feels like the right time to stay closer to home and support people on the ground doing incredible things around conservation and tourism."

Mel Cutcliffe

TENT's conservation journey’s go to the heart of Europe’s forgotten and wild corners within Romania, Italy, Spain and Scotland.

Designed to connect people to nature, guests are expertly guided and spend time in the company of ecologists and wildlife experts working in the field. Founder & Trustee, Paul Lister, believes that unless you get people into nature they won’t care enough about saving it.

The European Nature Trust (TENT) raises funds for numerous conservation and wildlife projects including a wildcat recovery programme in Scotland and the conservation of the Iberian lynx in Spain. It also supports, finances and co-produces natural history & documentary films to help raise awareness and donations.

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