The Original FX Mayr

"If there is a single concept of which I am most proud of launching in the UK - it is the term Mayr. I first went to Austria 24 years ago when no one had heard of Mayr and they had no British guests.  Now there are Mayr replicates around the world, but still only one pure Mayr and that is The Original.  We have been partners through many iterations, and now, under Gabriella Schnitzler and her team, are confident it has never been better or stronger."

Victoria Fuller

The Original FX Mayr was the first clinic in the world to offer the Mayr cure - one of the most effective digestive cleansing programmes out there.

Opened in 1976 on Lake Wörthesee, the clinic still attracts an incredible cult following, with many guests returning annually. A team of doctors create individual programmes which combine medical treatment, nutrition, exercise and awareness training – all rooted in the concept that good health starts in the gut.

Documented health benefits include increased energy, immunity and vitality, natural weight loss and improved mood and brain function.

A new cookbook of Mayr recipes was published in 2019 and the clinic itself is constantly refreshed - the latest addition is a new Beach House.

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