Ana Pincus & Fiona Arrigo announce an exceptional summer of programmes

Ana Pincus and Fiona Arrigo launch a thoughtful series of retreats led by a community of teachers and healers who stand in their authority committed to restoring respect, empathy and compassion as pillars of healing and transformation. Notably, there will be a strong emphasis on supporting the young with a unique REWIRE retreat specifically for teenage girls to equip themselves with everyday practical life skills they don’t get taught in school away from the noise of social media and constant sensory overload. This will be done through a carefully curated stream of reconnective experiences to support young adults to a place of calm and help them to think about what they want in life and why.

This summer’s programme of pop-up retreats represents the first step in a much bigger initiative happening in 2024, when Pincus and Arrigo will share a vision to offer deep and profound support for women in a community setting.

What makes the Center special
These intimate retreats are committed to having a sponsored spot per retreat so everybody is included. They are designed for women to encourage life ‘off-line’ and help them develop a strong sense of self in our modern world. Pincus and Arrigo believe women’s innate wisdom is needed more than ever to be the change-makers for our planet. However, as traditional ‘givers’ the ability to give and nourish ourselves first needs to be re-learnt when our conditioning is usually to prioritise others. Only then can we really full-fill our potential.
The Visionaries
Ana Pincus is the founder of the Akhilanda Women's Foundation, a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting women's organisations worldwide to overcome trauma, loss and pain and reclaim their lives regardless of their background or circumstances. She leads women's circles around the globe, creating spaces for women to gather, connect, and find community. Ana is also a partner in Docaland Films where she produces and directs women-focused content.

Fiona Arrigo is a recognised visionary thought leader with over 40 years of experience in the field and works globally as a senior Biodynamic Psychotherapist, Intuitive healer and Life Teacher. Fiona co-launched Stop the World, Britain’s first alternative health retreat in 1990, and is the director and founder of The Arrigo Programme in Somerset England. She draws on a lifetime’s study of ancient teachings from many cultures combined with her experience to help people find new ways to see and be in a changing world.

The Environment
These pioneering retreats, previewed this summer, will take place at the newly launched The Hermitage at 42 Acres - a serene natural retreat centre run on 100% renewable energy and nestled in the heart of Somerset, UK. Guests will be surrounded by the countryside and will enjoy farm to table and locally sourced food no more than 42 miles away.

The Retreats
Spaces are limited with each retreat hosting 8-12 guests to be able to provide a greater supportive and healing experience. Follow-up and after-care integration is also included in every retreat.

The 2023 summer retreat series includes:

  • Feminine Revolution – Andrea Arare (July 12-16) - Andrea is a gentle guide into the sacred unknown and an agent of transformation. As a Women’s Circle facilitator for 10 years, her retreats help women reconnect with meaning, inner wisdom and guidance through rituals and group ceremonies.

    Who is this retreat for? Women feeling disconnected from their inner self and bodies and feeling a lack of direction. This is to restore the body, mind and soul.

  • Rewilding – Bex Tyrer (August 1-5) - This beautifully designed retreat is aimed at women seeking to curate their own offerings whilst exploring their inner world through a balance of research-led learning and embodied practice.

    Who is this retreat for? Women who want to deepen their relationship with their bodies, life stages and with their relationships with the natural world. It’s also for women who want to guide others to do the same.

  • New Codes for Living – Fiona Arrigo (August 6 & 20) - 1 day retreats to experience Fiona’s profound teachings and the opportunity to be part of a supportive, cohesive community, with a focus on learning new ways to live, nurture and grow.

    Who is this for? Women who long for community and to explore new ways to live.

  • REWIRE Retreat – Natasha Richardson (August 11-13) - A three day, two night immersion created for young teenage girls to help regulate their emotions. This retreat will include interactive personal & professional development workshops, life hacking tips + tricks, the science of sound baths, morning grounding yoga flows, mind mastery meditations, consciously connected breathwork, live music, seasonal wholefood, camp-fires, foraging, wild walks, philosophical conversations that make you question your reality. And no tech allowed!

    Who is this retreat for? 14-16 year old girls, who want to explore how they feel after 3 days being off-line. Young women who feel a deep desire for health in their lives as well as the world.

  • Non-profit retreat led by Akhilanda Women’s Foundation for vulnerable women (August 25-29) – an incredible organisation that empowers vulnerable women to reclaim their lives and find their voices by guiding them to their authentic selves. All places will be sponsored by The Akhilanda Women’s Foundation.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2023