Beckley Retreats Launches "Beckley Talks" A Journey into Psychedelics

While much attention has been given to the clinical benefits of psychedelics, it’s the exploration of their potential to foster empathy, creativity, relationship health, strategic thinking, learning and much more, that drives Beckley Retreats.

It’s this excitement for the transformative power of psychedelics that has propelled them - as leaders in delivering psychedelic retreats - to launch "Beckley Talks". This new monthly virtual event series will bring together world-class facilitators, retreat participants, visionary leaders and other pioneers in the psychedelic field, to explore science-backed approaches to personal and professional growth, and educate on the life-enhancing potential of psychedelics.

This series is designed for anyone curious about upcoming retreats, those seeking methods to enrich their relationships, or anyone aiming to unlock peak performance. The goal is to educate and spark conversations about building a better, happier, more meaningful life, while keeping participants updated on the latest psychedelic research.

The inaugural session of Beckley Talks, titled When Leadership Meets Magic, will be moderated by Val-Pierre Genton, Executive Advisor at Beckley Retreats, and feature a conversation with Jim MacPhee, former COO of Disney World. Jim will recount the impact of his first legalised psilocybin retreat in Jamaica (with Beckley Retreats), and its transformative impact on his personal and professional growth, including how these experiences have been pivotal in his 12-year battle with cancer. This talk promises new perspectives on the interplay between psychedelics, life and work, showcasing the profound impact they can have when used with purpose and intention.

"We are excited to launch this new series of themed talks, which will bring many of the topics around psychedelics into mainstream conversation,”  said Neil Markey, co-founder of Beckley Retreats. “We look forward to welcoming experts in their field and hearing first hand from those who have experienced psychedelics, helping to educate our listeners on the significant and diverse health benefits."

Participants are invited to join these free monthly talks, as Beckley Retreats considers new spaces, questions, and curiosities about the psychedelic field. Highlights include:

Discover Where Science Meets Spirituality: Hear from panelists on the interconnectedness of science and spirituality, exploring how this intersection has the potential to create stronger personal and community wellbeing.

Explore the Future of Psychedelics: Learn from panelists as they share emerging research in psychedelic therapy, psychedelics and AI, and other cutting-edge discoveries that are driving conversations in this field.

Elevate Relationships: Hear from program participants as they share how their Beckley Retreats experience has deepened their relationship with self, family, work, and beyond, fostering global change.

Be Better: Whether improving mental health, exploring new modes of holistic wellbeing, teaching a new skill, building resilience, or strengthening creativity through psychedelic insights, these panels are designed to educate and inspire.

Registration is now open for When Leadership Meets Magic, on Tuesday 27th February at 2pm GMT / 9am ET. Click here to register for free.

Coming Soon

  • How to Feel Better: Tools and Practices, March 20th, 2024
  • Psychedelics and Religion, April 17th, 2024

Click here for more information on Beckley Retreats and their new Beckley Talks programme.

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Thursday, February 22, 2024