Breaducation in Schools - Kit Starter Underway

Kitty Tait - the young baker and food writer behind The Orange Bakery - is joining forces with the school food charity - Chefs in Schools - to get breaducation on the timetable.

Together, they hope to make baking bread a fun and easy lesson for teachers and school kitchen teams to offer their pupils.
It follows the launch of Kitty’s Kits - simple, no knead, bread kits which can be turned into a variety of loaves - encouraging creativity. The kits are available for anyone to buy but are also available free of charge to schools, prisons and community groups.

Kitty Tait has donated 450 of the kits to the school food charity, which will now get them into a number of schools where kids can get stuck in and start baking.

Baking changed Kitty’s life. At 14, she left school after a debilitating struggle with her mental health. Kitty’s dad, Al Tait, taught her to bake - a whirlwind few years followed ending with them opening a bakery, involving their local community along the way.

Kitty is determined to pass on that passion for bread and is collaborating with Chefs in Schools to do so. The charity works hands–on in schools, transforming the food and food education on offer, with the aim of boosting food culture, wellbeing and health.

Kitty said: “Baking bread can feel intimidating and although so many of us want to try, we just don't know how or where to start. That's where the breaducation kits come in. We want to get as many pupils as possible baking.

“When I first came up with the idea of the kits, I made 200 by hand, it took four days and the kits disappeared in just one hour of me posting about them online - this was exciting but not sustainable!

“I met James and his Dad, David Wright - the magnificent millers at Wrights - who make the kits. They showed me and my Dad, yes it was a family affair, around their factory and not only did they agree to make the kits they also agreed to help cover the costs of free kits by sponsoring Breaducation.”

Any would-be bakers can buy the kits to try at home - and the profits all go towards the Breaducation effort.

Nicole Pisani - Exec Chef and Co-Founder of Chefs in Schools – said, “We believe school food should improve health and wellbeing - food education lessons are a key part of that, this is why we’re delighted to collaborate with Kitty who has shown how food can change lives for the better. We look forward to seeing how many schools we can get baking!”

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023