Conscious Connected Breathing

It’s estimated that almost 50% of women in the UK are in, or approaching, menopause. Rather than being something to dread, Justine Clement, Breath Coach and founder of Wonderbreath, believes breathwork can help support and navigate what should be an incredibly rich, valuable, and pivotal rite of passage in a woman’s life. A period of incredible transition, she supports the theory that the menopause is an opportunity to come into greater inner knowing and self-realisation, clearing the past so you can enter the next phase of your life with renewed positivity and vigour. This journey can be upheld up by our own internal life support system – the breath – simple, profound and completely free.

Justine’s Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB), is a method of self-healing that helps people access the full potential of their breath, encouraging detoxification of the body, mind and spirit by bringing more oxygen and energy into the body. This type of Breathwork can help women – both directly and indirectly – to handle the wide range of symptoms and issues around menopause and to move through this period of their lives with greater ease and self-confidence. CCB can help improve lung capacity, eases stress and adrenal fatigue, encourages more stamina and physical health, improves balance and harmony and supports the immune system. It can also powerfully reduce anxiety, tiredness and brain fog – three of the most difficult symptoms women deal with at this time.

Justine’s feminine based approach provides a softer yet equally powerful alternative to the methods of extreme athlete Wim Hof whose breathwork has created waves in the wellbeing community. A fan of cold water for health too, Justine runs a sea bathing society with no macho talk or competitiveness! Her philosophy is centred on expansiveness and release. So, relearn the forgotten art of breathing – it's suitable for everyone, can be accessed anywhere and, with regular, conscious practice, reaps accumulative benefits and deeply nourishes the nervous system.

First and foremost, Wonderbreath is about breathing consciously, or deliberately, through the mouth and into the abdomen (also known as diaphragmatic breathing) without pausing.  The focus is on the in-breath, and then letting go on the outbreath, without controlling it, as a short, soft sigh.  Sessions can be experienced virtually, or in-person.  An in-person 1-1 and group session also include a hands-on technique known as acupressure, to locate tension points, or energetic blockages in the body to release them on both a physical and emotional level.  In addition to that, sound and movement is often incorporated, which serves to clear energy coming up and through the body (which can be interpreted as ‘negative emotions’) and ‘supercharges’ the session.  Affirmations are often also used to support the healing process.

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Justine Clement, founder of Wonderbreath and breath coach, was born curious and adventurous.  She’s spent the past 15 years exploring ways to live and feel better through ashtanga yoga, kinesiology, Celtic shamanism and mythology, psychotherapy, plant communication and mindfulness, to name a few.  For many years, she was a self-confessed ‘on-the-go’ CEO of an experiential travel company and no words of warning from others about the importance of slowing down could stop her.  She only really started to listen after a series of injuries forced her to stop.  Her slow recovery invited her to start learning how to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ … and she found some powerful lessons in those enforced moments of stillness.  

Justine is also founder of workplace wellbeing agency, The Life Adventure, and is a Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing) guide.  She also runs a community sea bathing project called the Selsey Sea Bathing Society in West Sussex, to encourage people/women to improve their confidence and experience the benefits of cold water in natural environments.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022