Introducing 'Avalon Wellbeing' at Broughton Sanctuary

“I hope Avalon Wellbeing can be a lighthouse for people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Our intent is to offer a beacon of hope that shines out to anyone in need of spiritual sustenance and transformational life change”. Co-founder Paris Ackrill

Partners and co-founders, Roger Tempest and Paris Ackrill combine an intimate shared family vision with a global outlook. An evolutionary thinker, Roger’s family have lived on Yorkshire’s Broughton Sanctuary land since 1097. After experiencing transformational retreats the world over, including the Hoffman Process and Path of Love, as well as simple ashrams, Roger and Paris decided to transform Broughton into the UK’s leading retreat centre, providing a space for inner healing modalities and contemplation of the issues facing humanity in the  21st Century. As Roger says, ‘Surely it’s best to avoid living a half lived life’. In the magical location so dear to them, at the foothills of the Yorkshire Dales, a new Broughton was born, Broughton Sanctuary, home to not just the historic Hall but an innovative wellbeing retreat centre, Avalon Wellbeing
Directed by Paris, a renowned holistic wellbeing guide (specialising in yoga, tantra philosophy and sound and energy healing, with a keen interest in our connection to nature), Avalon Wellbeing was conceived to serve the inner voyage of mind, body, spirit, a return to source and, ultimately, a reason for being. With its dramatic expression of curves, colours and encoded crystals, Avalon’s biophilic design was the work of Yiangou Architects and interior designer Patrick Kinmonth. Declared by Ruby Wax as “the coolest place I’ve ever been to’, it brings one-of-a-kind modern inspiration to an ancient setting.  As well as a swimming pool, sauna, steam room (hydromassage pool), state-of-the art studio spaces, personal training studios, crystal light bed and Somadome meditation pod, the Centre acts as the beating heart of residential retreats. Daily yoga and meditation sessions are available as well as events, workshops and an outstanding team of experienced therapists and healers. Experience everything from Acupuncture, Shamanic healing and psychotherapy to herbal medicine, trauma release, varying forms of bodywork and sound baths. 
The wider estate of Broughton Sanctuary offers over 130 beds for guests on retreats, ranging from the luxurious 16th Century Hall itself (the location for numerous acclaimed films and TV serials) to an off-grid ‘Hermit Hut’ and cosy ‘Sanctuary Homes’. Home to one of the UK’s leading nature recovery projects with over 350,000 trees planted in the last three years, outdoor immersive activities include wild swimming, a woodland sauna, forest bathing, ice bathing, sweat lodges, fire temple ceremonies, meditation labyrinths, moon baths and woodland dining in the Cosmic Garden. Expect food which is as good for you as it is for the planet. A walled garden bistro, ‘Utopia’ serves plant-based delights, and in-house chefs in the historic house can create to any requirement. 
Ready for Change? Avalon’s Life-Affirming Residential Retreat Series for 2023 include: 

  • Academy of Healing Nutrition: A 7 day Summer Retreat:  (17 - 24 July)
    Enjoy farm-to-table nutritious meals, Taoist longevity herbs, superfood elixirs, medicinal mushrooms, Ayurvedic potions, sea vegetables and a wide range of healing ingredients and recipes. Classes and workshops will cover topics such as practical cooking, qi gong/yoga and the integration of Taoist medicine, Ayurvedic, Cultures of Longevity, Bio-hacking and cutting edge technologies (including the revolutionary Theraphi Technology). Join the faculty of the 40 year-old curriculum Academy Healing Nutrition and special guest teachers all who have been pioneers in the emerging holistic natural healing global movement. Prices start at £1500 per person.

  • Recovery 2.0: The Journey Home: A Pilgrimage to the Sacred Space Within with Tommy Rosen and Kia Miller (24 - 30 July)
    “Tommy Rosen is a great yogi and teacher” Russell Brand
    An invitation to connect, awaken and become fully present with yourself and others on this inspiring path of recovery and discovery. Experience a renewal and a return to balance through practice, music, nature, community and circles. With a focus on yoga, meditation and other activities that create transformation, be led into harmony. Prices start at £3300 per person.

  • Keeping it Real in Frantic World with Ruby Wax, Gelong Thubten and Rahla Xenopoulos (1 - 6 August)
    Five hundred years ago no one died of stress: we invented this concept and now we let it rule us.  Ruby Wax, Gelong Thubten & Rahla Xenopoulos will show you how to de-frazzle in a frantic world by making simple changes whilst keeping it real! Prices from £1400 per person.

  • Profound Rest: Fire of Wisdom (18 - 24 September)
    Fire of Wisdom is a six-night immersion, with three full days in silence, set within the exquisite sanctuary of Broughton in Yorkshire providing an opportunity to deep dive into the inner realms. The retreat will centre around Eastern philosophy, non-dual tantra, yoga and earth connection, led by Paris Ackrill and Cornelius O'Shaughnessy (founder of Bodhimaya). Price from £1200 per person.

  • Men Without Masks (7 - 11 October) 
    A recent winner of the Condé Nast Traveller’s Change your Life Award for 2023 and described as “a ground-breaking retreat aimed at rewiring masculinity and nurturing brotherhood” this 5-Day men's retreat is a chance for men to come together to discuss the pressures men face, the gifts men can bring into the world and how men are stronger together as a collective group of brothers. A wonderful opportunity for men to take a break from modern life, to reconnect with like-minded men in a safe and supportive environment. Price from £2395 per person.
  • Visions For The Future (11 - 15 October) 
    Structured as a wisdom forum and held by ten visionary facilitators, this retreat has been dubbed ‘an alternative Davos’ and was created on the understanding that beyond the old paradigms, polarisation and single-issue fixations lies a vast reserve of intelligence that is commensurate with the challenges facing our civilisation. Expect a journey from wellbeing and connectedness to regenerative transformation and welldoing during which individuals bring their minds and beings together to help shape a future in which all of life flourishes. Price from £1800 per person.

  • Awaken Your Creative Self Retreat with Tallulah Rendall (20 - 24 October) 
    Join singer-songwriter, Qi Gong teacher, sound therapist and creative facilitator Tallulah Rendall and her team on this 4-night creative expression retreat. Unlock the immense power of your creative potential through voice, dance, and art.  By weaving together these creative strands you will cultivate aligned embodied heartfelt perception, leading to a deeper connection with yourself, others and ultimately supporting you to lead a happier, more nourishing and confident life. No prior experience is needed; all are welcome. Prices from £650 per person. 

For more information and details of upcoming retreats, please visit here.

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Monday, May 1, 2023