Introducing the launch of Revolutionary HOOKE Fitness

Mayfair’s pioneering health clinic, HOOKE, is proud to announce the launch of HOOKE Fitness. Available to both members and non-members, HOOKE Fitness complements HOOKE’s service by offering London’s best personal trainers in a state-of-the-art facility with a multi-disciplinary approach which combines training, therapy and recovery of the sort usually only offered to athletes.

At HOOKE Fitness, the philosophy of optimising performance means more than just having a gym membership. Understanding that true well-being requires a comprehensive approach, through a dynamic fusion of training, therapy and recovery.

With multiple offerings under one roof, HOOKE Fitness clients experience goal focused integrated programmes, built around training disciplines such as strength & conditioning, pilates, body composition change, injury rehabilitation and cardiovascular training for those experienced in training to complete novices.

HOOKE Fitness offers top level service that is user-friendly, personalised and suitable for anyone no matter one's age.  Clients are closely monitored with evidence-based data recording, blood work and performance testing ensuring HOOKE are offering one of the most interconnected and innovative ways to approach physical fitness.  Post-workout, aching muscles can be soothed with sports therapy or massage, or in the HOOKE Fitness recovery suite which contains a Swedish sauna and a top-of-the- range Brass Monkey Ice Bath which help to decrease inflammation, improve stress resilience and have you feeling like a new version of you.  

Who’s behind HOOKE Fitness?

Aaron Deere, Wellness Director:

Aaron has been in the UK fitness industry for 20 years, starting as a personal trainer at KX GYM and moving on to working with athletes and actors, and developing an industry leading education programme for personal trainers. In parallel to his work in the fitness industry, Aaron also progressed his career in both nutrition and sports nutrition, focusing on helping his clients optimise their performance and body composition.

In 2021 Aaron joined the HOOKE London team as the lead nutritionist, where his focus has been on optimising both health span and lifespan for HOOKE’s clients. With both nutrition and exercise playing central roles in health span optimisation, Aaron is now integrating his clinical and strength & conditioning experience to help build HOOKE Fitness and create an industry leading hub for performance optimisation, through HOOKE Fitness’s three pillars of training, therapy and recovery.

Mark Roberts, Master Trainer:
Strength and conditioning coach, sports nutritionist, and athlete Mark Roberts is the Founder and Director of Personal Space. Beginning his sports career in Rugby Union, Mark then became a hurdler and Decathlete, a discipline he still competes in both nationally and internationally. Having become the speed, strength and conditioning coach for Harlequins RFU he launched his media career as the fitness expert for Sky Television. With nearly 30 year's experience in the sports industry Mark has developed his skills as a coach to private clients and the sporting elite, working individually and alongside professional teams.

Brydie McCleary, Head of Fitness Operations:
Brydie is a seasoned professional with nearly a decade of experience in the luxury health and wellness industry. Originating as a personal trainer, she swiftly ascended through the ranks, showcasing her dedication and expertise. Brydie's journey led her to the pinnacle of management, where she successfully managed one of London’s leading Private Members clubs, before beginning her journey in building and creating HOOKE Fitness.


  • Personal training £120 per hour
  • Advanced Personal training £140 per hour
  • 2:1 training £150 per hour
  • Massage Therapy £120 per hour
  • Osteopathy £130 per hour
  • Physiotherapy £130 per hour
  • Pilates £120 per hour
  • Sports Therapy £120 per hour
  • Recovery Suite (inc private use of ice bath and Swedish sauna) from £50 for 30 minutes

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024