LA-EVA: Less Waste, More Beauty

  • Harnesses the power of scent
  • Multi purpose products made to the highest ethical standards
  • Designed for everyday moments of self-care and to reset one's mood
  • Encourages mindful slow nurturing

IndigoEight is delighted to showcase progressive British wellbeing brand LA-EVA - an ethical, respectful and mindful approach to everyday moments of self-care. Consisting of a range of high integrity products, emotionally attuned and artistically elegant that are at the forefront of the changing, beauty landscape.  

The Power of Self-Remedy Healing
Founded and produced in Oxfordshire by Louisa Canham. LA-EVA means “left of centre” and was originally created as a form of self-remedy when her professional job became energetically too much following a decade working as a clinical psychologist specialising in adolescent mental health. Louisa desired small moments of beauty and self-soothing which led her to create universal, evocative and multi-purpose LA-EVA products. All designed to wash away the day to day and reset one's mood. She explains:

"Our senses offer a simple, accessible gateway to regulating mind and body alike. Scent, in particular, has a profound impact on the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and can reduce “fight or flight” feelings by activating the calming effects of our vagus nerve response. Carry with you a little bottle of a favourite oil or lotion. Apply a few times a day, when the moment is right, deeply breathing in the fragrance with eyes closed and gently rubbing it into your skin, this delicate filter between our internal and external worlds. A bite-sized, one-minute ritual, but somehow it works every time.”

A Scent-Scape for Everyday Self-Care Rituals
Fragrance plays an integral role in LA-EVA products and philosophy. Using perfumery principles, the products harness rich, evocative fragrances whilst tapping into the therapeutic properties of individual essential oils.

There are currently four different scent backdrops that have manifested into a small, carefully curated range of products. These palettes of scents combined with natural raw ingredients, ensure LA-EVA’s units of wellbeing authentically embody the care and attention it takes to create something truly beautiful:

ROSĒUM - Rosy, floral, classic and soft

  • ROSĒUM LOTION –  CERTIFIED ORGANIC & VEGAN, for face, hands and body. Price £26

BLŪ - Smoky, woody, herbaceous & herbal

  • BLŪ WASH –  CERTIFIED ORGANIC & VEGAN, for face, hands and body. Price £21
  • BLU LOTION –  CERTIFIED ORGANIC & VEGAN, for face, hands and body. Price £27

JASMĪNA - Heady, floral and sensuous

  • JASMINA oil for face, hands, hair and body. COSMOS certified Organic. Price £30

SPĪCE - Spicy, rich, potent and warming

  • SPĪCE SHAMPOO –  CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE, No PEG, no parabens. Price £18.50
  • SPĪCE CONDITIONER –  CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE, No PEG, no parabens. Price £20.00

Ethical Integrity with Highest Functional Standards
In an age of quick fixes, LA-EVA represents mindful slow nurturing, to harness the best of earth’s bounty and feed both outer skin and inner emotional landscape. The LA-EVA team see ethical integrity as an essential ingredient and strives to meet the highest of standards without compromising on function. The LA-EVA skincare range is certified by The Soil Association and The Vegan Society.  All products are accredited by the Leaping Bunny programme.

LA-EVA celebrates simplicity as a luxury, endorsing a less-is-more outlook which views the skin of face, hands and bodies as one organ. The capsule range is designed for multipurpose, universal use and comes presented in refillable amber glass apothecary bottles.

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Louisa Canham:

  • Louisa Canham is the heart behind LA-EVA’s progressive wellbeing products. Louisa spent over a decade working in schools, hospitals and prisons as a clinical psychologist specialising in adolescent mental health and dealing with challenges such as trauma, autism and eating disorders.
  • With young children at home and high exposure to the fragility of the human condition, Louisa began to seek an antidote.
  • Inspired by a friend, Louisa tuned her mind to the creation of something both functional, gentle, therapeutic, and beautiful – soap. A means to wash away the day.
  • Enjoying self-led, trial-and-error learning, Louisa slowly paved the way towards the evolution of bespoke recipes and a strong personal aesthetic.
  • The studio morphed into existence in 2014 alongside a close working relationship with a family-run organic farm and the Soil Association.
  • In 2017, LA-EVA was born.

The LA-EVA Oxfordshire Studio & its creative role:

  • The studio has evolved into a hub of inspiration and collaboration. Day-to-day it is a beautiful, unusual office space where ideas are generated, scents blended, artworks sketched out and words scribbled down.
  • In addition, the studio is also a beautiful blank canvas for seasonal installations and curated environments relevant to the inspirations being engaged upon. Previous themes have included interpretations of the LA-EVA scent blends as well as broader concepts such as The Lost Gardens or The Celebration of Pomegranates.

The Artist’s World

  • LA-EVA works with a network of carefully selected co-collaborators, artists, printmakers and ceramicists lend their essence, ethos and aesthetic to LA-EVA, helping to bring to life the idea that beauty can be found in everyday objects of use and simple moments of self-care.

From Local to Global

  • LA-EVA welcomes select bespoke partnerships and collaborations. They believe in the circular beauty of re-imagining scents and in creating unique artful products that blend harmoniously within their environments.
  • From a limited-edition range that celebrates the essence of Petersham Nurseries to spas, yoga studios, cafés, boutique properties and restaurants, LA-EVA works with settings that celebrate natural beauty, foster a slower pace and want to deliver the purest of produce to their guests.
  • By word of mouth, LA-EVA now has an extensive, eclectic selection of stockists across the UK and Europe and is organically expanding. Outlets include Villa La Coste in Provence, Casa Fuzeta in Portugal, Finca Avedin in Spain and other mindfully focused hospitality and wellness partners.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022