La-Eva: Progressive, British Wellbeing Brand

“La-Eva is the epitome of a sustainable British wellness brand and we are delighted to have them as a partner in Claridge’s Spa. Their sensorial products and one of a kind healing rituals offer our guests something completely unique to their wellness journey”
Hattie David-Wilkinson, Director of Spa

Sustainable British wellbeing brand La-Eva is delighted to announce the unveiling of their world exclusive treatments at legendary Claridge’s. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, they have curated a special collection of holistic therapeutic La-Eva body treatments for the hotel’s first ever spa which is unveiled this week.  

Taking guests on a sensorial journey combining the best classic bodywork techniques with artful layers of fragrance, music and massage to nurture mind and body, the La-Eva spa treatments have been thoughtfully created as holistically therapeutic experiences and designed to be tailored to guests' personal wishes and needs.

The La-Eva treatment protocol offers an unusual framework to each treatment and allows personalisation for each guest dependent on their individual therapy needs. The feel of La-Eva oils, lotions and salts and the fashion in which they are delivered throughout the treatment is unique and distinctive.

The signature collection of body treatments includes:

  • SENSORY IMMERSION MASSAGE - A sensorial treatment that begins at the roots of the body and flows upwards, offering a unique restorative experience that grounds, uplifts and transports. A 60 or 90-minute full body and head massage, typically medium pressure, featuring aroma inhalations and an evolving scentscape of their signature Blū, Rosēum and Jasmīna fragrances. Price £195/ £235.
  • DEEP RELEASE MASSAGE A holistically invigorating treatment with rocking, body movement and manipulation throughout to release tension and unlock body and mind alike. Using the warming Spīce essential oil blend and ending with a transporting head massage that features the luxurious, organic La-Eva Jasmīna oil. A 60- or 90-minute, medium to firm pressure body massage. Price £195/ £235.
  • ROSĒUM BODY SCRUB A restorative, cleansing full-body exfoliation, using La-Eva Rosēum Exfoliant and Bath Salts, which draw on the therapeutic properties of essential oils, pink Himalayan salt and mineral-rich 'flor de sal'. Delivered as a 45-minute stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to 60- or 90-minute La-Eva massages. Price £95.  

In addition, La-Eva product ranges are offered in the treatment room showers, spa wet and dry areas and restrooms, allowing for an elegant continuity of scent and product range across all touch points. The products are also available to buy from Claridge’s Spa.

Claridge’s Spa is a haven of wellness and tranquillity featuring its first ever swimming pool, steam rooms, sauna and seven treatment rooms. The space - designed by interior architect Andre Fu who has drawn inspiration from the East - is an epicentre of wellness, showcasing healing rituals, a knowledge of restorative body work and the latest bio-innovation to amplify emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The space and service is signature five star Claridge’s, with touches of the iconic timeless glamour synonymous with the hotel.

Claridge’s Spa is open to both hotel and outside guests. 90 minute treatments include access to the pool.


La-Eva: An ethical, respectful and mindful approach to everyday moments of self-care. Consisting of a range of high integrity products, emotionally attuned and artistically elegant that are at the forefront of the changing, beauty landscape.

The Founder, Louisa Canham:

  • Louisa Canham is the heart behind La-Eva’s progressive wellbeing products. Louisa spent over a decade working in schools, hospitals and prisons as a clinical psychologist specialising in adolescent mental health and dealing with challenges such as trauma, autism and eating disorders.
  • With young children at home and high exposure to the fragility of the human condition, Louisa began to seek an antidote.
  • Inspired by a friend, Louisa turned her mind to the creation of something both functional, gentle, therapeutic, and beautiful – soap. A means to wash away the day.
  • Enjoying self-led, trial-and-error learning, Louisa slowly paved the way towards the evolution of bespoke recipes and a strong personal aesthetic.
  • In 2014 an artisan cold process soap studio morphed into existence, and a small, faithful customer base was established in local independent shops and markets, including iconic Spitalfields in London.
  • In 2017 La-Eva was born.
  • Over time and by word-of-mouth La-Eva has come to the attention of an aspirational selection of partners in the UK and Europe.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022