Let go of the past with NEW Inner Emotional Harmony Programme

Today's increasing overwhelm and the complexities of modern life have left many of us feeling emotionally exhausted and struggling to cope. In a digital world full of noise and uncertainty, how can we cultivate peace within us and quieten our busy minds?Now it's your time to Reflect, Reconnect, Process and start anew atEuphoria Retreat' on theNEWInner Emotional Harmony Programme.Designed to help release negative emotions, express your feelings and accept your experiences, this is a chance to learn how to communicate with yourself positively, express repressed feelings of the past, nurture your inner child and build resilience for this new phase.This new 5 or 7 day programme takes guests on a transformative journey of self discovery and emotional healing so that you are ready to live again from a place of joy and peace.

When we become stuck in feelings of anger, sadness, irritability or angst, it is the hardest time to do the inner work and find the support we need.Through a layered offering of 15powerful treatments including Sanctuary for Busy Minds, Quartz Power Nap, 5 Elements Balancing and transformational coaching sessions will help the physical release of trapped emotions.Whilst meditations, Thai yoga massage and a private flotation session combined with deep chakra work will help to steady, stabilise and release negativity.Guests will feel seen, heard, validated and understood. This process makes space for fresh starts, whether in work or relationships. It will leave you more ready to cope and more open to deep connection with a sense that a new life phase is about to begin.

This Programme is for you if...:

  • Know you should face, embrace and cleanse your feelings
  • Need to eliminate negative influences in your life, switch off, unplug and come back to yourself
  • Find it hard to let go of resentments and bitterness towards people who have wronged you
  • Need to let go of past traumas and wounds and would like support through this process
  • Feel ready to move on to a new life phase

Benefits, You will...:

  • Feel positive, centered, more loving and confident
  • Arrive at a place where you feel grateful for your life and re-inspired for your future
  • Understand that to align with your purpose you need to let go and trust
  • Achieve a sense of inner contentment and meaning, both as an individual and as a member to the community to which you may belong
  • Feel less frenetic and stressed, able to withstand what life throws at you

Inner Harmony can be taken as a 5 or 7 day programme. Prices for 5 dayprogramme £1440pp (plus accommodation from £893pp)

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023