Sleep Like A Baby

  • New anti-stress and sleep supplement
  • Unique combination of Lactium® + Lactoferrin + Vitamin B6
  • No big pills to swallow (& no need for water)
  • Natural berry flavour

We all crave a peaceful night’s rest, but the daily demands of modern life can make that tricky. What if we could turn back the clock and sleep like a baby on demand? Designed to do just that, Leapfrog SNOOZE is a new and unique anti-stress and sleep supplement from Leapfrog Remedies - the UK’s first Lactoferrin wellness brand.

Leapfrog SNOOZE chewable tablets - the second product in the range* - supports the body’s central nervous system. Available from August, they contain a clever combination of Lactoferrin, an anti-inflammatory protein from cow’s milk, Vitamin B6 and Lactium®, a powerful, yet natural milk protein hydrolysate with relaxing properties.

You SNOOZE, You Win
Chemicals in our brain and body are constantly delivering messages, affecting how we think and feel.  GABA is a chemical that acts as a brake to calm the nervous system. Without proper levels of GABA our nerve cells can fire too often, leaving us feeling stressed, anxious or unable to sleep. This is when Leapfrog SNOOZE can help.

The Leapfrog SNOOZE chewable formulation contains:

  • Lactium®: Inspired by the blissed-out mood of a baby after drinking milk, French scientists created Lactium® to emulate that serene state in supplement form. Babies naturally secrete a digestive enzyme (trypsin) that releases a calming pool of peptides from milk. As our digestive system matures, we lose that ability. Researchers worked to break the bonds of milk, recreating nature's magic to zap stress and sleep disturbance. Lactium® works like well-known sedatives, but without side effects or addiction. It significantly reduces blood cortisol levels and increases the activity of GABA, decreasing anxiety, stress and sleep disturbance (shown across 9 clinical trials)**
  • Vitamin B6: a dream-enhancing vitamin that aids in the production of serotonin and dopamine (the happy hormones) and melatonin (the sleep hormone)
  • Lactoferrin: an anti-inflammatory protein from milk that works to bring the body into balance. An antiviral and anti-bacterial protein already present in our immune system, and a key component of mother’s milk

The Perfect Dose
Adults and children over 15 years are advised to chew 2 tablets one hour before bedtime.  Children aged 7-14 years should chew 1 tablet one hour before bed.

For more information, visit the Leapfrog website here.

*Leapfrog SNOOZE is the second wellness product from Leapfrog Remedies, following the success of their debut supplement Leapfrog IMMUNE which was snapped up by Selfridges shortly after launch.

**Lactium®’s efficacy is supported by nine clinical studies - conducted between 1999 and 2018 on over 500 volunteers – that indicate an effect on stress and sleep. In addition, a survey conducted in 2021 involved 300 healthy volunteers across the US, France & China who took a 300mg dose for 30 days. 78% reported an improvement in stress while 77% noted an improvement in sleep disturbance.  Leapfrog SNOOZE contains 150mg Lactium® in every tablet.

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Monday, August 1, 2022